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ShockFlo S1 Smart EV Charger Unboxing and Review

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Unboxing and detailed review of the ShockFlo S1 Smart Home EV Charger. I was very pleased with the quality of this EV charger, the thickness of the cables, and how easy the app was to use. It’s definitely a solid option for fast charging at home. I was able to charge my EV6 for an hour at 40 amps with no thermal throttling (charge port only got up to 165 degrees) and even charged at 48 amps for 40 minutes more and there still was no throttling. I was pleasantly surprised! It makes me think maybe the throttling issue is partly due to the car and partly the charger. My car starts throttling with my Juicebox 40 set above 35 amps after less than an hour… 🤔 Anyway let me know if you have any questions on the ShockFlo S1 Smart EV charger. Thanks for watching!

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